PASTA FOR HOOKAH TM "ALMIR" – this is a new generation of innovative hookahs for smoking. We offer a healthier and tastier alternative to tobacco use with our products. TOV "Almiri" strives to offer the best quality hookah tastes with the same wide range, as modern tobacco products, and much more. The whole grinding process, processing, aromatization, filling and packaging follows strict international standards. Thus, regular quality testing, qualified and experienced professionals guarantees, that our products meet the latest quality standards.

All our raw materials come from different farmers and manufacturers all over the country. We start production manually, choosing the best quality fruit, which serve as the basis for our product. Then, after processing, to which natural additives and preservatives are added, we seal, pack and ship to you. It is the perfect substitute for smoking tobacco. A new and unique experience in the world of hookah smoking. Say goodbye to carcinogenic tobacco and say hello to the world PASTE FOR HOOKAH TM "ALMIR", product, derived from processed fruits, which we all love. A wide range of flavors for every taste. Fresh, high-quality and aromatic fruits instead of dry tobacco in a hookah. Straight from the heart of the earth, no toxic chemicals.

Contains Processed Fruits and Natural Ingredients. Does not contain tobacco, tar and nicotine. Smoking before 3 hours with a single filling. A creative and new look at centuries-old traditions.


PASTA FOR HOOKAH TM "ALMIR" – it is a healthier way to continue the ancient traditions of hookah. By giving up harmful additives, we enable our users to experience the same pleasures of hookah smoking with much lower health risks. No tobacco. No resin. No nicotine. Unique and unrepeatable flavors. Intensive, thick and rich smoke.